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August 29, 2012

Kawaii Travel Contact Cases

Hello peeps! Missed me?
Anyway, now that my schedule has let up a bit, I can finally post a bit more frequently! *applause*
Very happy to be back! *bow and standing ovation*

Lolz, I bet you're all thinking, "Enough applauding, where's the cute?"
Yes, we're getting there but first I feel the need to tell a story~
Here goes! :P

     Once upon a time, on a fine day in Me-ville, a girl, after much persuading, was finally able to get her parents to agree to get her contacts! She was very happy because contacts are so much more convinient than glasses. The only problem? She was given a boring, generic contact case. So, in order to satisfy her need for cute, she set off on a journey to find the cutest contact cases and...she suceeded! She was feeling quite proud of herself until she realized that her parents would probably never waste money on a new, cute contact case when she already had a perfectly good generic one. So now she is stuck in limbo waiting for the cute case that she'll only be able to buy once her generic contact case goes "missing" or when she gets old enough to shop without having to get the consent of her parents. THE END

Wow, that was kind of TMI! But now you know and at least you get to see the pictures now, right?

The owl's cuteness! It's in the eyes, the eyes!

What, no indigo?

I think it comes as a pair~

Cute but this first link sells it too expensively(around $450), but this 2nd link sells it cheaper at around $5.

I LOVE this! But I have no idea where to buy it! Anyone know?

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